Photo Editing


Photo Editing / Retouching Starting at $5.00 Per Photo | “Have Requests or Questions?” – Email: (Primary Contact) – Phone: 646.641.4069

Payments Accepted Via

Level 1. “Basic” Photo Editing Services
Level 1. Photo Services: $5.00
[Perfect My Photo]

1. Photo Lightening / Darkening / Contrast / Color
2. Photo Cleanup / Stain Removal (Floor & Background)
3. Background Color Changes – “Various Colors”
*Note: Background Must Be Empty & Free of Objects
4. Red Eye, Skin Blemish Removal & Smoothing
5. Entire Photo Color Enhancement
**Note: Numbers 1-5 “Altogether” = Only $5.00**

~Additional $5.00 Services~
[Add Ons – Add This To My Photo]

6. Clothing & Hair Edits & Removal of Lent
from Clothing, Hair, Etcetera.
7. Cropping
8. Centering
9. Add Caption / Text
10. Shrink / Enlarge Photo
11. “Small” Photo Area Changes/Blending
Example: “Remove” Sign/Logo on Hat/Gloves
*Note: Missing Area is then Blended to match
Surrounding Area Colors. “No Sign/Logo Replacement
which would involve “Patchwork” &
“Multicolor Area Blending” is Done under
“Level 1” Service due to the Amount Of Work
Entailed. For Replacements of Multicolored
Areas, See: Level 2, Service Number “13”
12. Background Replacement “Level 1”
Example: Turn “Plain White Background” into
a beautiful Sunrise Background.
*Note: Background Must Be Empty & Free of Objects
And… “You Must Provide the New Background Image”

~Color Change~
13. Color Change – Change “1” color in Photo
Example: Change Brown Eyes to Light Green
14. Change Entire Photo to *Black & White –
Or… Entire Photo can be changed to:
Light or Dark *Black Tone, *Blue Tone, *Purple
Tone, *Green Tone, *Orange Tone, *Red Tone
*Pink Tone, *Yellow Tone, *White Tone
**Note: Numbers 6-14 “Individually” = Each $5.00**

Level 2. “Special” Photo Editing Services
Level 2. Photo Services: $10.00
[Change This On My Photo]

13. “Complex” Photo Area Changes
Example: Remove Sign/Logo on Hat/Gloves, Shirt/Pants,
Car/Truck & “Replace” that Sign/Logo with New One.
*Note: Missing Area is then “Patched” Using Samples
from Within The Present Photo, or From Other
Photos Altogether. “Multicolor Area Blending”
Is Then Applied to Naturalize The Newly
Constructed/Created Area.
14. Photo Framing Designs – “Various Designs”
*Note: Design is Applied To Photo, No Physical Frames

~Photo Backgrounds and Scene~
15. Remove Photo Background and Leave Background
as Plain Black or White
16. Remove/Add This Person To/From my Photo
*Note: “One Person Only”
**Note: Numbers 13-16 “Individually” = Each $10.00**

~Objects & Focus~
17. Remove/Add This “Object” To/From my Photo
Example: Lamp, Cup, Bowl, Table, Tv
18. Soft Blur The Background and add Focus to
Objects, People, Places and Things Upfront
**Note: Numbers 17-18 “Individually” = $15.00**

Level 3. “Special” Photo Editing Services
Level 3. Photo Services: $30.00
[Completely Change This On My Photo]

19. Completely Change the Old Photo Background –
Example: Bunch of People, Trees, & Flowers
to an entirely New Photo Background –
Example: Baseball Stadium, Ice Skating Rank,
Business Location, Famous Monument, Etc
*Note: “You Must Provide the New Background Image”
**Note: Number 19 “Individually” = $30.00**

Level 4. “Special” Photo Editing Services
Level 4. Photo Services: “$” Cost Varies

20. Black&White – Photo Changes
* Add “1 Color” = $5.00
* Add “2-5 Colors” = $10.00
* Create “Natural Colorization” = $35.00
**Note: Number 20 “Photo Changes” = “$” Cost Varies**

Payments Accepted Via

Use Your Photos Professionally or Personally, for Marketing or Flyers, Locally or Internationally: It’s your photos! It’s your World!

*Note: “Pricing Depends on Area Sizes & How much Meticulous Work Needs to Be Done.” Be sure to Provide/Email: Images/Photos/Samples & Specify/Describe “What” Needs to be Done to your images. Call: 646.641.4069, if you would like to describe audibly what needs to be done to your images & hear how much it will cost.

What do you want done to your images? Anything You can imagine, Can be done.
Questions, Ideas, Collaboration Work, & Requests are welcome!

– China Alicia Rivera

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